Investing With Perspective

Investment in our products will not be suitable for everyone.

Investing in our products is a long-term commitment and not suitable for those who wish to invest for a short term.

There can be no guarantees, however much we aim to improve the predictability of the returns that our products achieve for investors over the longer term - the values of investments go up and down and investors might get back less than they invested originally.

Building good long-term relationships with investors is key to our approach and investment style, so that opportunities can be exploited in the ups and downs of economic, market, and investment performance cycles.

The product is run for the benefit of the investors, and as such they will remain key stakeholders. Clients and investors are provided with monthly updates and comprehensive quarterly investment reports, covering investment performance, the investment portfolio, and investment research in progress.

Beyond regular reporting, the investment manager is keen to meet with clients and investors, to update them, and to discuss investments.

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