How We Do It

We try to see the investment world as we think it should be seen – with a fundamental investment perspective

We have:

• Awareness of the bigger macro picture, opportunities and risks

• Deep understanding of business and economic cycles, and markets

• Experience across all asset classes, not just equities and bonds

• Determination to avoid being a passive victim of boom & bust equity markets, particularly when forward-looking returns are unattractive

• Use of the methods and instruments of sophisticated institutional investors

• Preparedness to be different – adaptable and contrarian – avoiding the inflexibility and intransigence of conventional investment managers

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Our approach to generate healthy long-term investment returns

We are committed to:

• Clear vision of what a good multi-asset multi-strategy portfolio looks like

• Consider investments in all asset classes and alternative investment strategies

• Controls to ensure that the portfolio is not inconsistent with macro views and risks

Our focus on the fundamental investment characteristics of opportunities in all asset classes

We focus in particular on:

• Expected returns based on current valuations

• Return drivers (economic growth; inflation; and interest rates) or alternative returns

• Volatility of price

• Correlation with other investments

• Down-side risk

• Liquidity

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